Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Is Sarah Palin a Crazy Liberal Communist Now All of a Sudden?

BUT WHO WILL FIGHT THE GREEDY CORPORATE PIGS RUNNING THE COUNTRY? Haha, you thought, “the Wall Street protesters.” WRONG. “Sarah Palin” is the correct answer, ever since the five or so seconds ago when she vaguely tuned into the fact that the withered teat of her ruthless teabagger fearmongering is drying up, so she must find some other popular cause to exploit.

Here is Sarah “Trotsky 2.0″ Palin speaking out against the American kleptocracy from the seat of its tyrannical rule at some random forum in South Korea: “Today, in my country, particularly in the last few years, a new seductive idea has come on the scene. It involves the growing collaboration between big business, big finance, big government and big union bosses.”

Ha ha, kind of! Polls show that 145% of sane people would not characterize this phenomenon as either “new” or “seductive,” but that’s Sarah Palin for you, always with her finger on the pulse of America! READ MORE »

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