Thursday, October 13, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 10-13-11

Fox Attacks Yet Another Effort To End Discrimination
A Fox News report on efforts to ban employers from discriminating against the jobless is just the latest example of Fox figures attacking anti-discrimination efforts as being burdensome or creating a "protected class," or even defending the right of businesses to discriminate against customers based on race. Read More

Fox News' War On The EPA
Harmonizing with the Republican agenda, Fox News and Fox Business have launched a full-scale attack on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), labeling the agency "job terrorists" who are "strangling America." What follows is a list of Fox's top 10 lies about the EPA this year. Read More

Right-Wing Media Hype False Story About Obama's "Apology" For Hiroshima
Right-wing media have been hyping the claim that a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks shows that President Obama had planned to "apologize" for the bombing of Hiroshima during his 2009 visit to Japan. But the cable only shows there was speculation from "anti-nuclear groups" that Obama might travel to Hiroshima after expressing support for a "nuclear-free world," and the Obama administration has said no apology was ever planned. Read More

Fox Turns Its Sights On SunPower
In an attempt to create a "solar scandal" that will be "even bigger than Solyndra," Fox News is claiming that SunPower, which recently received a federal loan guarantee, is a "failing company" that is creating jobs "not in America, but in Mexico." In fact, industry experts see SunPower as "a success story" and the loan guarantee supports the construction of a power plant in California, not Mexico. Read More

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