Friday, October 14, 2011

Children's Halloween Costumes or Evolutionist Propaganda?

Freehold, Iowa - Christian experts find the following Halloween costumes are an insult to Christ and represent how disrespectful Evolutionists (Atheists) are toward Christians and our beliefs. These costumes can be seen in the Halloween section of your local Target store. If you plan on visiting Target or any secular store that is not owned and operated by born again Christians, as always, we ask that you be accompanied by your Pastor or a church Deacon or Elder.

Children's Evolutionist Flower Pod CostumeDemoncrat Flower Child Costume
Children who wear this costume can be desensitized as to how absurd evolution is. Like our next president, Rick Perry, we can say outright that this silly costume makes evolution look ridiculous! A child is not born of flower or seed, nay not from pod, but of DUST! Formed by the very hand of God! (Genesis 2:7) Liberals will stop at nothing to push their anti-God, pro-science agenda, and now they are using Halloween to try to convince toddlers they are related to plants! Phooey!

Moo Moo Monster CostumeThe Little Moo Moo Monster™
The lines between human and animal are intentionally blurred by this ghastly costume! Atheist Evolutionists are pulling all the punches this Halloween! The idea that human beings and cows are somehow related, is absolutely outrageous! "I will smack my grandson over the head with a 10LB Giant Print Bible if I so much as hear a single pleading, Moo come forth from his lips this Halloween season!" says Pastor Deacon Fred. "I have a letter out to Fox Kids demanding them to stop playing the ad for this thing!"

Dog Turtle Pro Evolution CostumeThe Turtle Dog
This is a new low for Evolutionist Halloween costume makers. They can't offend Christians enough with their blasphemous children's costumes so now they are targeting our family pets? We have some local controversy about the Turtle Dog costume right here in Freehold, Iowa. Church member, Ms. Edna Denkins says that she lives next to an unsaved person who is upset over the giant stone cross and 10 Commandments display she has on her front lawn. “My Atheist neighbor is persecuting me for my religious beliefs by leaving her dog tied up in their back yard dressed up in this stupid Turtle costume!” says Ms. Denkins. “I am forced to look at that evilutionist bull craps abomination from the Devil's hiney every day out of my kitchen window!” Mrs. Denkins has since filed charges against her neighbor and Baptist Police officers have acted on behalf of Christ to remove the dog until Ms Denkins decides on a court date that fits into her busy schedule.

Lewd Little Lady Bug CostumeThe Lewd Little Lady Bug
Like all evolution themed costumes, the Lewd Little Lady Bug costume is created with the same intent. That intent is to undermine the truth of God's Word by marketing blasphemy to a mainstream audience. The Lady Bug costume anesthetizes children who will grow up and go to college where they will have no problem believing liberal professors who teach them that their great-great grand-momma was a lady bug and that they should vote Democrat.

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