Monday, October 24, 2011

Bachmann’s Former NH Staffers Confirm She Is Totally Dysfunctional

More drama from the Michele Bachmann campaign! Her former team of New Hampshire staffers who all quit Friday put out a very crabby press release stating that they quit not for the glaringly obvious reasons that Michele Bachmann is a serial pill-snarfing nutcase Space Jesus freak married to a flaming closet case who together make hundreds of thousands of dollars off the government through creepy fake homo-curing clinic rackets and Michele’s shell career as a U.S. Representative who collects a fat public salary and benefits for doing sub-zero quantities of legislative work, BUT — instead — because her national campaign team treated them mean.

Whatever works! Michele initially
tried to claim in her usual reality-defying fashion that these staffers had not actually abandoned their jobs and it was all some kind of socialist media conspiracy, but No, Not This Time. They specifically want us to know they quit because they’re angry at her campaign, and they have lots of dirt to share, after the jump! READ MORE »

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