Monday, October 17, 2011

Bill O'Reilly's Strange Sexual Obsessions

Aging traditional Catholic Bill O'Reilly does seem to have an obsession with sex. As we know from his spy novel, "Those Who Trespass" and the Gina Mackris tapes, Bill does seem to have a fascination with sneaking up on women who are showering. (He's clean?) We also know that he has a penchant for being the voyeur as shown in his many videos of scantily or unclad women. We know that he had an obsession with Miley Cyrus and reprimanded her for wearing "short pants" and showing a bit of her bra in a photo.

(He's into couture?) Obviously, this all reflects a certain - ah - fantasy life that is too disgusting to think about. And while he hasn't been doing any "T & A" segments lately, it's apparent that he's still a very kinky boy that you don't take home to mother. In talking about the Occupy Wall Street people he said: "three weeks is enough. It's dirty and filthy, there's rats running all over, there's dope all over the place.

They're having sex outside at night around. (inaudible) Does that say anything about the entire movement." And he knows this how? As an intrepid reporter is he engaging in "hands-on" reporting or just observing from afar. Nuff said. Ewwwwwwww!!!!!

H/T Crooks and Liars

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