Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Slot Machine Addict & Republican Crook Notes U.S. Men Are Failures

Bloated GOP gambling addict William Bennett makes his millions in many ways, such as his storied tenure on the board of some sketchy “online charter school” that siphons taxpayer money from real public schools. (It was started by Goldman Sachs executives and convicted felon Michael Milken, of course. Bennett “resigned” from the K12 board after an unusually straightforward series of crazed racist ranting about his desire to kill all black children on his own wingnut talk radio program, but there was never a claim that he divested from the corporation.)

He also poops out unwanted books now and then, which is one of the more bizarre parts of the American media economy, and is also paid money by CNN both for appearing on its endless, unwatched jabbering panelists programs and also for providing shitty excerpts from his latest book as “web content.” And still, with such a gravy train, this is a person who could only find fulfillment by punching lighted buttons on slot machines like a senile old lady with her oxygen tank parked next to her ashtray.

What conservative trope has Bennett dug up and crapped out in book form this time? Oh something about how when “we” (conservative men) weren’t looking, the womens went and stole “our” prestige and jobs and whatever. READ MORE »

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