Monday, October 10, 2011

Right-Wing Journalist Crafts Heroic Spin To Prove He Is Not A Loser (He Is)

American Spectator assistant editor Patrick Howley is busy making himself famous on the Internet today as the kind of right-wing village idiot who shows up to “do a jernalizm” on one of these Washington, D.C. protest thingamaboobers and inadvertently ends up getting himself pepper sprayed by a security guard while running an improvised one-man mission to storm the Air and Space Museum, because he is inept.

But this simply will not do, for his super-scoop conservative news break about how lefty protesters are awful, so Howley’s version of the antiwar march organized by the group October 11 instead claims that he “infiltrated” the protesters (by showing up), who are by the way a bunch of tools who don’t know how to act like violent idiots unless Patrick Howley is there To Show How It’s Done. READ MORE »

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