Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Evil College Kids Force Bachmann Into Hiding With Funny Signs

Reliable comic relief generator Michele Bachmann (which is the only way she is reliable) has exactly one mode when confronted by peaceable handfuls of voters that she perceives as being against her whackjob right-wing viewpoints: FLEE AND CALL THE POLICE.

A small horde of Grinnell College student-barbarians showed up to one of her campaign events to mill around with funny signs like “John Wayne Quincy Adams — Our Greatest Forefather,” but rather than get anywhere near their evil librul AIDS germs, she hid in her bus, cancelled the public event entirely and made the cops show up.

This is so much like the response she had that one time when a couple lesbians tried to approach her for a policy chat that it makes us wonder (strictly rhetorically): if you dropped Michele Bachmann from a helicopter into the middle of Zuccotti Park, would she just explode into a million tiny curio keepsake Bibles? That is our guess. READ MORE »

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