Thursday, October 28, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 10-28-10

Hatchet job: Fox crops Reid statement to pretend he has a "political scandal"
Special Report deceptively quoted a statement from Sen. Harry Reid's office to advance what Bret Baier called "a political scandal" involving a former low-level staffer. But the portions of the statement Fox News omitted make clear that the alleged misconduct occurred before the staffer joined Reid's office and that the office had been unaware of the allegations. Read More

Fox trumpets misleading GOP report on health care reform effects
Promoting a report published by Republican senators Tom Coburn (OK) and John Barrasso (WY), Fox News forwarded the false claims that the health care reform law "will kill 800,000 jobs - perhaps more" and "8 in 10 small businesses could lose their health care plans." Health care experts have said Fox's claims are misleading or "just plain wrong." Read More

Day 2: Fox continues its relentless GOP GOTV efforts
Fox continued its relentless campaigning for Republicans this week by hosting three more GOP candidates as well as the campaign attorney for Nevada GOP senatorial candidate Sharron Angle. Fox had kicked off the week before the election by hosting eight Republican candidates in the course of 24 hours, and RNC chairman Michael Steele twice, while hosting just one Democratic official, DNC chair Tim Kaine. Read More

Bill Sammon: Washington managing editor of the "voice of the opposition"
Bill Sammon is exactly the Washington managing editor you'd expect from Fox News: a former reporter for conservative newspapers who bragged of his access to President Bush and used that access to write several fawning books. Under his leadership, Fox News correspondents and shows based out of Washington, D.C., have pushed false stories and smears of progressives while cheerleading for Republicans. Read More

Fox News has long history of airing deceptively cropped videos
Fox News deceptively cropped a statement from Sen. Harry Reid's spokesman to support Fox's claim that Reid was facing a "political scandal." This is only the latest episode in a long line of examples of Fox News misleadingly doctoring video in order to smear progressives. Read More

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