Friday, October 22, 2010

Illegal Alien Army Mobilizes For Cash-Strapped Commie Democrats

Some of you sheeple are probably voting for the candidates with the best “ideas” in November, which is embarrassing and ignorant. Real Americans vote for the political hack with the most money to spend on slanderous teevee ads and racist billboards.

This is how proper Democracy works, so please stop with the sniveling. But if you are bored: Google “November 2010 Elections” and the first ten thousand results will be “Illuminati spends $100 trillion dollars on attack ads against Democrats, DNC sobs quietly in a corner.” (And then if you click on the Google Images button, you will see pictures of Karl Rove and the US Chamber of Commerce spanking each other wildly.)

The Democrats know there is no way they will ever match all this probably illegal money, so what is the only other option? Inspire an army of illegal immigrants to do manual campaign labor! Yes. Democrats like Senator Patty Murray (WA) have brainwashed dozens of illegal immigrants, and now these illegals are going door-to-door, scaring the good people of Washington State. READ MORE »

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