Friday, October 22, 2010

Ewww Juan was a little Perv ..... No wonder O'Reilly likes him so much

Fired NPR analyst was disciplined for making ‘inappropriate’ sexual comments to female staffers

Sexually-themed comments about female Washington Post staff apparently went on for years

Juan Williams, the NPR contributor who was fired Thursday after making anti-Muslim comments on Fox News, apologized for "wrong" and "inappropriate" comments about women staffers after a 1991 investigation by The Washington Post, Raw Story has found.

The investigation of Williams' conduct stemmed from multiple occasions on which he made sexually-themed comments to female employees. An article published about the incidents was vague about what comments Williams actually made, though it makes clear that the sexually-oriented remarks came up on numerous occasions -- and that his behavior had allegedly gone on for several years.

It's also apparent that the female staff of The Washington Post was so incensed about how the paper was dealing with it that they brought their concerns to management.

At least seven women went on the record to say that Williams had made inappropriate comments to them................................

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