Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-21-09

Fox's Baier reports Walpin's allegation, but not Obama's reasons for firing
Bret Baier reported Gerald Walpin's allegation that, in firing him, President Obama "violated congressionally enacted protections for inspectors general." But Baier gave no indication that he contacted the Obama administration for a response; nor did he report on the administration's rationale for firing Walpin. Read More

Note to Beck: Doors repaired with stimulus funds were hangar doors and did not cost $1.4 million
Echoing the Drudge Report, Glenn Beck falsely claimed that the government spent $1.4 million of economic stimulus funds "to repair a door" at Dyess Air Force Base. In fact, the doors repaired were hangar doors and did not cost that much money. Read More

Fox's Hemmer claimed, "All the networks apparently" are covering Obama presser -- but Fox Broadcasting isn't
Fox News' Bill Hemmer said that "[a]ll the networks apparently" will cover President Obama's prime-time press conference on July 22. In fact, Fox Broadcasting Co. reportedly said it plans to air its regularly scheduled program, So You Think You Can Dance, during that hour. Read More

Hannity falsely claims under reform bill, "you can't get" private insurance through employer
Sean Hannity falsely claimed of the House health care reform bill: "[I]f you don't have private insurance the year that this bill is passed, you can't get that later on from your employer." Read More

Fox News, CBS air clips of peephole video of ESPN's Erin Andrews
Fox & Friends repeatedly aired numerous video stills from a videotape surreptitiously taken of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews nude in a hotel room, while CBS' The Early Show aired several seconds of the Andrews videotape with some of her body parts blurred. Read More

Fox & Friends give Walpin a pass on allegations of "hindering" U.S. attorney's investigation
Steve Doocy allowed Gerald Walpin to claim that he "was fired" as an inspector general for, in Doocy's words, "putting pressure on" a supporter of President Obama, without asking Walpin to respond to allegations issued by an acting U.S. attorney that conduct by Walpin and his staff was "hindering our investigation." Read More

WSJ report on NRCC cap-and-trade ads ignores ads' original factual inaccuracy
A Wall Street Journal article about NRCC ads criticizing Democrats who voted for the House cap-and-trade bill did not mention the ads' original factual inaccuracy about the amount cap and trade would cost per household. Read More

Flawed AP report opens door to conservative attacks on timing of Obama budget review
An AP article that omitted relevant information became the basis for an attack by conservative media figures on the Obama administration over the timing of the release of the administration's midsession budget review. Read More

Wash. Times, Fox Nation falsely suggest Mayo Clinic critical of Obama health proposal
The Washington Times reported that the Mayo Clinic is "joining the growing chorus of critics" of the Obama administration's health care reform proposal, and a Fox Nation headline falsely claimed, "Mayo Clinic Rebukes Obama's Rationing." But the Mayo Clinic did not criticize Obama's health care proposal, and indeed applauded suggested revisions by the administration to the House bill. Read More

Media grossly exaggerate potential cost of TARP
Media figures have cited the special inspector general for TARP in reporting that the potential cost of TARP could be $23.7 trillion. But by citing that misleading figure, these media figures have grossly distorted the risk to taxpayers. Read More

Echoing Drudge, Fox promotes another "apology tour"
Fox News has again run with the Drudge Report's characterization of an Obama administration trip as an "apology tour" -- this time claiming that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "apologize[d] for global warming" in India, even though she made no such "apology." Read More

Conservatives fearmonger that health care reform will lead to denying treatment to elderly
Media conservatives have been fearmongering over health care reform, baselessly claiming that it will result in the denial of care, or, in the words of Laura Ingraham, "death camps" for the elderly. Read More

Echoing Drudge and Heritage, Limbaugh falsely claimed Obama "admits he doesn't know" what's in House health bill
The Drudge Report, a Heritage Foundation blog, and Rush Limbaugh all falsely claimed that President Obama, in Limbaugh's words, "admit[ted] he doesn't know" what's in the House health care bill. In fact, Obama said he was "not familiar" with opponents' false talking point that the bill will make individual private medical insurance illegal. Read More

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