Saturday, July 18, 2009

Edén Pastora threatened to attack Honduras

Tegucigalpa,Honduras - Former Nicaraguan guerrilla Eden Pastora, threatened to take up arms if there is no agreement in Costa Rica on the return of Manuel Zelaya as president.

Pastora, a former Sandinista commander, is known for having led the command that took the National Palace, in the late 70s, during the Somoza dictatorship.

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According to El Universal of Venezuela, "Commander Zero," he told the media that the Costa Rican Honduran conflict could only be resolved by the gun and was ready to charge again for a rifle to be reinstated in power Zelaya.

"Beware of the Central American people, careful again to force me to think bad, definitely we should not be so. The problem in Honduras is a lead in the chamber of a rifle with only one lead in the chamber of a gun can be fix it." Pastora said to local radio station America Costa Rica.

He stated that if "the gorilla (as Chavez has referred to President Roberto Micheletti and General Romeo Vasquez) continue oppressing the people, let's go all the Central American brothers, to help Honduras."

The publication also mentions that half Venezuelan Pastora was one of the key figures in the triumph of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) against the Somoza dictatorship 30 years ago. But three years later defected from the ranks of the FSLN, and rose up in arms against their former comrades in the struggle, convinced that they had betrayed the revolution.

"We're going to help the Honduran people that we know and do things," he said.

Pastora was named the 1978 Chief of the General Staff of the Army by guerrilla Daniel Ortega, the current president of Nicaragua.

That Zelaya has visited Nicaragua several times since June 28, said that reaching an agreement or not in San Jose, returned to Honduras to take over the presidency and they have confirmed his wife, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, and daughter, Hortensia Zelaya.

The second day of dialogue takes place today in Costa Rica, with a view to finding a solution to the conflict.

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