Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birther Promotes Revolution

One of the craziest Nirthers, Andrea Shea King (a writer for World Net Daily), is now openly promoting violent revolution, publishing a letter from a deranged listener to her Internet radio show: The Radio Patriot: LISTENER FEEDBACK.

The reason we have had zero success and will continue to probably have zero success in any peaceful means of restoring our government as our constitution envisions it to be governed is that all avenues have been blocked. It does not matter what party may or may not be in control of a given office, they are a part of the master plan. As we discussed last night, it seems growingly clear we will be unable to resolve this constitutional crisis in a peaceful matter. Like your one guest stated there will be blood on the streets. It was already predestined.

Part of the Solinski (sic) play book is to create a crisis so great it would start revolt. It is at this time Obama will step forward with martial law and complete his assigned agenda. At that point, congress and the courts as we know it will no longer exist.

Obama’s reforms are no more than baby steps to accomplish the objective. They have nothing to do with their stated purpose. What is not certain is how long Obama will reign or who will step in to take his place. My guess is that there will be an inward conflict as Obama personally has no intention of ever giving up the White House. I don’t know his whole plan except deep in one of the subcommittees is a proposed bill to eliminate term limits for the Office of the President.

I believe that Obama is counting on his position as commander-in-chief to force the military, active, reserve and guards, to quell the violence and restore peace. Before that happens he will ensure a significant amount of casualties to turn people on each other and cement hate, distrust and discord between neighbors and kin. A house divided cannot stand. As Glenn Beck puts it he will have created the perfect storm. What is our recourse?

Unfortunately we are rapidly running out of time. We need to strike soon. Your one guest also talked about the New Jersey gun ban sales. If you recall, I asked about black marketing of guns. I don’t think he fully grasped what I was asking.

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