Monday, July 20, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-20-09

Ignoring Alito, Thomas, Wash. Post labels judicial empathy a "liberal" idea
The Washington Post characterized the view "that a judge should have empathy" as "an idea floating within liberal legal thought," ignoring numerous conservatives who have also stressed the importance of personal experience and compassion in judicial nominees. Read More

CNN's Sylvester falsely suggested Sotomayor was inconsistent on use of foreign law
Lisa Sylvester advanced the falsehood that Sonia Sotomayor contradicted herself on the question of whether judges should use foreign law in deciding cases. Read More

No excuses: Why the TV nets must carry Obama's press conference this week
Just moments after the White House's tweet last Friday announcing President Obama's prime-time press conference on Wednesday to discuss health care reform, media industry speculation began swirling over which broadcast networks would refuse to carry the presidential presser, the way Fox walked away from an Obama press conference in April. Read More

Fox runs "Abortion: growing ... growing ... gone" fetus graphic during health care segment
Fox News aired an anti-choice graphic sourced to the American Life League featuring a fetus and the words, "Abortion: growing ... growing ... gone," during a segment asking if "health care reform" will result in federally funded abortions. Read More

Fox & Friends' Camerota falsely claimed Summers cited Google -- but not GDP -- as sign of economic recovery
Fox News' Alisyn Camerota falsely claimed that White House chief economic adviser Larry Summers recently cited Google searches, but not GDP, as evidence that the economy is improving. In fact, Summers cited both, as well as several other economic indicators. Read More

McClatchy ignores progressive economists in report on minimum-wage increase
A McClatchy article about the scheduled increase in the federal minimum wage provided only arguments from "some economists" against raising the minimum wage while ignoring economists who argue that the economy will benefit from increasing it. Read More

CNN's Pilgrim refutes Dobbs on Dobbs over birth certificate
Kitty Pilgrim, guest-hosting Lou Dobbs' CNN show, debunked claims that President Obama does not have a valid birth certificate and is therefore ineligible to be president -- claims that Dobbs himself advanced days earlier on his radio program. Read More

Despite clear progress, media declare health care reform nearing "life support"
Despite passage of health care reform bills in House and Senate committees and the endorsement by major medical organizations of congressional Democrats' reform efforts, numerous television pundits have suggested that President Obama's health care plan is in serious jeopardy. Read More

Politico ignores contradiction in calls by "moderates" for lower costs, limits on public plan
Politico uncritically reported contradictory goals that "moderate[]" Democrats have regarding the House health care reform bill -- "angling for greater cost savings" while also opposing pegging payment rates to Medicare. Read More

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