Monday, July 20, 2009

Jeepers Freepers!


The Freepers are playing with fire again. Most recently, they received national media attention for calling 11-year old Malia Obama "a ghetto whore" among other hateful and racist things. Now, check out this post by 'patriotgal1787'.

Especially, the last bullet point she raises declaring a "blood bath" as the only way to rid themselves of Obama. I don't believe that this is the first time the FreeRepublic site has featured posts suggesting bloody violence be committed against the President, but their insanity seems to ratchet up weekly.

Perhaps, they are only full of hot air, but this suggestion by iodiotgal1787 would seem to violate the law and should draw the interest of the Secret Service.

In any case, right-wingers continue to radicalize toward critical-mass.

Here's that link:

Here's the source essay for the Freeper post.

It's more insane still:

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