Friday, September 30, 2005

Schwarzenegger Comes Out on 75, Uses Anti-Union Members as Front People

Governor Schwarzenegger announced his endorsement of Proposition 75 before a hard-core crowd of partisan Republicans gathered in Orange County for the state convention. The announcement came as no surprise to political observers.
Schwarzenegger’s ads, released immediately after that, include Props. 74, 75, 76, and 77.

More information on all four is available at .
Proponents of Prop. 75 have attempted to portray the measure as something intended to help working people, calling the measure “paycheck protection,” when the true purpose is to put unions at a political disadvantage so they can’t fight the Governor’s pro-corporate political agenda.

The Governor has succeeded in getting extremist, anti-union members to act as the public face of Prop. 75, but the real forces behind the measure are corporations and wealthy conservative ideologues, as documented on the new web site,, which lists a selection of the measure’s conservative millionaire and billionaire supporters.


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