Thursday, September 29, 2005

Message From Operation Truth

Operation Truth has been extended a special offer by fellow Iraq Veteran Nathaniel Fick to get his new book, “One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer,” while supporting OpTruth at the same time.

The book, which details Nate’s experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan as a part of an elite Marine reconnaissance platoon, will likely be viewed as one of the best texts on life in the modern military. This is the voice of the Troops, on paper, and it’s already generating rave reviews:

USA Today says, "Fick's descriptive and exacting writing...guarantees ONE BULLET AWAY a place in the war memoir hall of fame." GQ called it "the best sign of military intelligence."
Nathaniel Fick is also becoming a respected voice on the evolving situation in Iraq. You may have read
his OpEd in the New York Times last week, which offered a third solution to the usual “cut and run” versus “stay the course” discussion of the War. Click Here for more information about Nate Fick.
Here’s where you come in: Thanks to the author’s generosity, if you
Click Here to buy the book, every copy sold will generate a contribution for OpTruth. It’s that easy – buy this important new book, and support OpTruth at the same time.
Thanks once again for your support, and as always, please forward this message to anyone who might be interested.


Paul Rieckhoff

OIF Veteran

Founder and Executive Director

Operation Truth


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