Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Independent Katrina Commission Discharge Petition!

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter has announced a Discharge Petition, which if successful, will force the Congress to debate and vote, up or down, the formation of an Independent Katrina Commission. This is a necessary step in our quest to investigate the woefully inadequate preparation and response to the horrible disaster on America’s Gulf Coast.

In order for the Discharge Petition to take effect and force a vote, half of Congress (218 Members) must sign on. That’s a tall order to fill, especially when you consider all that the obstructionist Republican Leadership has done to block our efforts. But even they can’t stop a Discharge Petition. It truly is our silver legislative bullet.

If Louise is to gather the required signatures, she will need our help. Please sign up as a Citizen Co-Signer, and she’ll keep you updated on our success and other ways you can help.

Link: I’m signing up as a Citizen Co-Signer of the Discharge Petition because we need an Independent Katrina Commission modeled after the 9/11 Commission. With the obstructionist Republican Leadership in control, the Discharge Petition may be our only hope of bringing accountability and truth to our nation's capitol.

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