Tuesday, September 27, 2005

From Senator Boxer

You may know him for his courage -- his willingness to speak out against the radical right-wing agenda when few others would. You may know him for his inspiring speeches on the Senate floor and the passion he brings to our progressive cause. Or you may know him for defending the Constitution and our system of checks and balances from the Republicans' relentless pursuit for power.

No matter how you know him, to all of us Senator Robert Byrd is a patriot, a statesman, and a national treasure. He is a fearless advocate for Democratic values, and he truly is the conscience of the Senate.

But to George Bush and the Republican attack machine in Washington, Robert Byrd is an obstacle: one man who is preventing them from enacting their radical right-wing agenda.

That's why the White House has made Robert Byrd its top target for defeat during the 2006 elections. And it's up to you and me to stand with him.

Support Senator Byrd's re-election campaign today!

During the lead up to the war in Iraq, Senator Byrd spoke out early and often, warning President Bush against an invasion. Tragically, because of the Bush Administration's rush to war and its complete lack of planning for the aftermath, many of the worst-case predictions have come true. Thousands of lives and billions of dollars have been lost, with no end in sight.

Now, in a moving speech that he recently delivered on the Senate floor, Senator Byrd has called on President Bush to bring our troops home.

"It is time to come home, America. Time to look within our own borders and within our own souls. There are many questions to be answered and many missions to accomplish right here on our own soil. We cannot force-feed democracy to Iraq. We cannot resolve Iraq's internal issues. It is time for the United States to begin to bring our troops home."

I have had the personal honor and privilege of working with Senator Byrd for more than a decade. Each and every day I have a renewed appreciation for his integrity, his wisdom, and his lifelong commitment to public service. Thankfully, time and again, he has thwarted the radical right-wing extremists and prevented their most damaging efforts from becoming law. Earlier this year, Senator Byrd was a key voice in defusing the GOP's 'nuclear option' that would have turned the Senate into a rubber stamp for the President's extreme right-wing judicial nominees.

But now Karl Rove and the right-wing smear machine have targeted Senator Byrd for defeat. Since they cannot beat him on the floor of the Senate, they are on a mission to try to defeat him at home.

We can't let them win. Contribute to Senator Byrd's campaign today!

Already, these right-wing extremists have spent thousands of dollars on television attack ads in Senator Byrd's home state of West Virginia.

We'd all like to think that a leader of Senator Byrd's stature and seniority is unbeatable. But unfortunately, you and I know better. We saw it just last year when the right-wing attack machine smeared and distorted the record of my friend Tom Daschle in South Dakota. They'll do anything it takes to try to win. We now know that seniority and stature are simply not enough.

So if you care about checks and balances in government, if you want to live in a country that is once again admired instead of feared, if you believe that Democrats need more strong leaders in Washington, D.C. who fight for our families and our children, then I hope you'll stand with me and support Senator Byrd.

Please support Senator Byrd's campaign today!


In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer

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