Saturday, February 26, 2005

"So feared by the Left I had to take my blog down."

Citing "nasty criticism of my new blog" and "the resultent [sic] harm done to my freinds [sic] and family," Jim "Jeff Gannon" Guckert has ceased operating his new weblog after just a day of operation and has vowed to return to the web at a later date.

The shutdown follows a pattern of behavior where the former White House reporter and still male prostitute withdraws from a web presence after just one day of bearing the brunt of opposition critics.

This time, the decision came after repeated harsh words were bandied around the liberal blogosphere regarding the quality of Guckert's new venture.

In a statement left on what used to be, Guckert described how "the Left made fun of me and my decision to keep the graphic presentatoin [sic] simple to Ried [sic]." Guckert's blog was alleged by other blogs to have numerous misspellings, inexplicably random font sizes and an unflattering photo of Guckert (clothed)."One liberal site called my blog 'shitty,' according to Guckert's online statement.

"That's just so typical of the horible [sic] allegations the Left makes about my Republican male escort services. Oops. Did I just say 'male escort services'? I meant to just THINK that. I'll go back and correct that later."Guckert could not be reached for comment, but he might be busy working on his new website which he describes as "a cross between wholsome [sic] Republican values and that Peter Pan Guy."As for his very short-lived blog, Guckert's parting shot was to the point.

"So feared by the Left I had to take my blog down."

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