Monday, February 14, 2005

McClellan Tells E&P He Didn't Know Guckert Used Fake Name For Nearly Two Years

Former Talon News reporter James D. Guckert got to ask questions at Whtie House press briefings for nearly two years but White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan did not know the controversial reporter was using an alias until the past few weeks, he told E&P Monday.Asked if he had discussed the Guckert/Gannon episode with President Bush, McClellan said, "we've only talked about it briefly" but declined to be more specific. "He's got a lot of other priorities," he added. Asked if he ever talked with Guckert outside the briefing room or at social events, he said, "Nothing like that." When asked if Guckert's link to several sex Web sites should have had an effect on his getting credentials, McClellan said, "I don't think it is my place to express my personal opinion." But, he added, "I wasn't aware of any of that." Link

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