Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Puppet of the White House Propaganda Gay Escort Apparently Dabbled in Publishing Anti-Semitism Commentary

Ah yes, the mysterious White House relationship to the so-called Talon News Service and their ace propaganda ringer for Bush, Mr. Gannon/Guckert, just gets muddier and muddier.
BuzzFlash found this column from the Jewish publication, Forward, about a commentary that appeared in 2003 on the main website that Talon services, the obscure GOPUSA.com.

The following is a verbatim excerpt from the Forward:

Conservative Calumny: GOPUSA, a conservative Web site, was criticized all over the blogosphere and at Salon.com last week for publishing, briefly, a column on financier George Soros that many found antisemitic.

Soros recently brought down the ire of conservative commentators by agreeing to spend millions on various Democratic efforts to defeat President Bush.
The GOPUSA columnist, however, trafficked in something way beyond mere commentary, which the site tacitly acknowledged when it pulled the column after a day.
"Satan Lives in George Soros," wrote the pseudonymous columnist, who publishes weekly at the site under the pen name "Sartre."

"The fiction which is interdependency has a prolocutor in the congregation of Moloch. His name is George Soros. No other single person represents the symbol and the substance of Globalism more than this Hungarian-born descendant of Shylock. He is the embodiment of the Merchant from Venice. ... If Soros is correct when he says a 'supremacist ideology' guides the White House, what would you call the practices of the archfiend of Free Enterprise? The Soros deception would make Shylock proud. ... It's not about anti-Semitism! Out-going Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad was just stating the truth."

Democrats went ballistic.

"Suddenly deleting such vile anti-Semitism from this Republican site -- with no explanation, and no apology -- simply won't cut it," the executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, Ira Forman, said in a press release. "Virulent anti-Semitism causes very real damage, and GOPUSA must acknowledge this."

The editor of GOPUSA, Bobby Eberle, did not respond to calls and an e-mail seeking comment. Link

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