Friday, December 09, 2011

Why Is Elizabeth Warren Doing So Well in Polls When Karl Rove Told Everyone To Hate Her?

Hey, everyone remember that weird attack ad Karl Rove’s sweatshop of joyless video editor-slaves at Crossroads GPS slapped together a few weeks ago accusing Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of hating “job creation” because she, um, sympathized with the concerns of the unemployed and Occupy Wall Street? Yeah, so: how well has this strategy worked for Team Karl? Warren is up seven points in a new poll and leading in the race against Scott Brown for the first time, is how well!

The poll also found that voters think Warren is a better advocate for the dwindling middle class than Wall Street knob-gobbler Brown by a ten-point margin. Hmmmmm. Well, crap. No, hey, look guys, Team Karl does not panic, the thing to do here is oh, uh, gah, URGH… OH THEY KNOW, just make the exact opposite ad, this time accusing Elizabeth Warren of sinister, cold hatred for the working class. READ MORE »

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