Monday, December 05, 2011

Joe Arpaio Fine With Sex-Crimes As Long As They’re Against Illegals

GAH. When we pleaded with the universe last week for leading insane racist and pink panty queen Joe Arpaio to be the next high-profile Republican sheriff to become embroiled in a “ghey sex for meth” scandal, we made our offhanded Xmas wish sort of figuring that was the worst the universe could do on the sex crimes scale even where Joe Arpaio is concerned.

How naïve of us,
forgetting that we are talking about one of the most awful individuals in America today: the Associated Press turned up four hundred sex crimes reported to Arpaio’s office that he… eh, didn’t really bother to investigate, including “dozens of child molestations” that met with a delete key for minor victims with the wrong skin color. READ MORE »

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