Friday, November 11, 2011

Newt Gingrich Wins New GOP Poll By Coming In Second Place

Herman Cain is the big loser of a new GOP primary poll that he won, because he is an awful inarticulate sex creep slob who got only 18% support, which is a few percentage points less than the last time one of these dumb polls came out six seconds ago, so it is Over For Him.

Time to scroll down the poll results to find a new “winner” liked by fewer than 1 in 5 Republicans for the media to obsessively discuss! Hm… Mitt Romney came in second with 15%, but nope, he is still irredeemably boring.

But, wait, oh look, Newt Gingrich actually tied with Mittens! So Newt Gingrich is your new “It” turd in the GOP primary field this week, Newt the cancerous wife-divorcing proven serial cheater sex fiend, because Herman Cain now has a “woman voter support problem.” READ MORE »

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