Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Crazed Hill Staffers Unleash Party Mob On Horrified Annapolis

Mississippi GOP Rep. Steven Palazzo did not ask any of his staff to rent a waterfront house in Annapolis over Columbus Day weekend in order to throw a mad days-long orgy for a giant pack of unruly congressional aides, so somehow this is exactly what happened.

Palazzo’s scheduler booked the property apparently under the impression he wanted to hold a mild football-watching ritual there with some friends, but Palazzo and his family never materialized.

Therefore — and there’s just a *bit* of a gap in the story here — CUE HAVOC. An army of Hill staffers descended on the house, and the rest is a tearful cocktail of lies, police, terrorized neighbors and comical phone impersonations of an elected lawmaker. Let’s read some of the hilarious details! READ MORE »

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