Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 11-16-11

Whitewash: Fox Host Tries To Dismiss "Fox News Lies" Chants
Following a live report from New York City's Zuccotti Park in which protesters chanted "Fox News lies," Fox Business host Gerri Willis claimed that Fox is simply "trying to cover the story just like everybody else." However, Fox hosts and contributors have pushed lies, smears, and attacks about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read More

"Tell It Like It Is": Fox Cheerleads For Former Colleague Newt Gingrich
Fox has renewed their enthusiastic promotion of GOP presidential candidate and former Fox News contributor New Gingrich following his recent surge in the polls. Fox has a long history of praising both Newt Gingrich and other Republican presidential candidates. Read More

Hannity Denies The Existence Of Food Deserts In America
During an attack on Michelle Obama for promoting greater access to grocery stores as a way to deal with childhood obesity, Sean Hannity claimed that there are "grocery stores everywhere." In fact, millions of Americans live more than one mile from a grocery store and do not have access to a car, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that greater access to grocery stores is related to a reduced risk for childhood obesity. Read More

Washington Post's Gerson Ignores Catholics' Opinions To Accuse The Obama Administration Of "Anti-Catholic Bias"

In a Washington Post column, Michael Gerson accused the Obama administration of "systematic anti-Catholic bias," pointing to its decision to end funding for anti-sex trafficking programs run by Catholic bishops that do not refer women who have been raped for abortions. In fact, large majorities of Catholics support allowing women who have been raped to have access to abortion.

Read More

Bayh's Attack On EPA Is A Litany Of Industry Talking Points
Indiana's Journal Gazette published a flawed op-ed by Evan Bayh that repeats industry talking points in an effort to paint an inaccurate, negative picture of EPA's long-overdue rule to limit air toxics emissions from coal plants. The Journal Gazette fails to disclose that Bayh has ties to companies that stand to benefit from dismantling the rules and was hired by the Chamber of Commerce to "carry" its anti-regulatory message around the country. Read More

Right-Wing Media Use CBO Director's Testimony To Launch Bogus Attack On Stimulus
Right-wing media have suggested that Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Elmendorf "admitted" in recent Senate testimony that the stimulus "will shrink the economy." In fact, while the CBO predicted the plan would reduce GDP by between 0.1 and 0.3 percent in 2019, economists say the program has thus far increased output and employment, as was predicted. Read More

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