Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wisconsin’s Teabag Governor About To Have National Guard Shoot Employees

America’s leading producer of cheese products, Wisconsin, elected a Teabagger governor in November, and it’s not a coincidence that said cheese products are now all at least 10% meth byproducts by weight. This Scott Walker fellow has decided that it’s time Wisconsin purges the unions from state and municipal governments, and if those union people decide to make any funny business now that collective bargaining is illegal, he will call in the National Guard to shoot them or whatever.

The stability and benefits of a government job are sort of the only reason why somebody would subject themselves to the indignities of working a government job, so it’s understandable they are upset, but things will all be a lot better for the proud homeland of Joe McCarthy when their government consists of nothing other than the skeletal remains of our founding fathers dressed in period fashion and propped up in chairs. READ MORE »

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