Monday, February 14, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 02-14-11

Serial Health Care Misinformer McCaughey Pushes Tired Falsehoods At CPAC
In her 2011 Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) speech, serial health care misinformer Betsy McCaughey repeated long-debunked attacks on the health care bill, including the false attacks that the bill "forces you to enroll" in a health care plan "whether you can afford it or not"; that the law lets the government "dictate how doctors treat privately insured patients"; and the false claim that the waiver process is being manipulated to benefit political allies of the administration. Read More

National Review Joins Breitbart's Flawed Anti-Pigford Crusade
National Review is the latest right-wing publication to join serial fabricator Andrew Breitbart's campaign attacking the Pigford settlement for black farmers who were allegedly discriminated against by the Agriculture Department. National Review's Dan Foster mimics many of Breitbart's errors, including using flawed data to claim that "the vast majority" of Pigford claims are "frivolous at best and fraudulent at worst"; hiding the broad Republican support in recent years for reopening the settlement; and attacking Shirley Sherrod's Pigford settlement as part of a "feeding frenzy of claimants." Read More

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