Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introduction to Anonymous Operation Want

First in a series of videos from Anonymous Operation Want. An expansion of Operation Leakspin,

Anonymous has delved into serios deep research of the published US Embassy Cables from Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK, in an attempt to uncover the Truth behind the "Set Up" of Julian Assange, editor of WikiLeaks.

Anonymous - Operation Want has read ALL of the Stockholm, Sweden, embassy cables TWICE and performed assessments TWICE. The method of assessing the cables is similar to that used by Daniel Ellsberg, in his review of the Pentagon Papers. Anonymous has identified the WANTS and Don't WANTS of the specific government and politicians. The WANTS are then separated into TOPICS or ISSUES, in order to look at the larger picture. Topics are also researched online in order to FOLLOW THE MONEY to specific corporations, banking institutions, board members and family connections that benefit financially from Wars and the Military Industrial Complex.

Who is Sweden is wealthy enough and politically powerful enough to "SET UP" Julian Assange? Do their political influences reach to the UK and U.S.? Do they have any business connection with the Bush administration and Karl Rove? The most relevant question is, whether or not they are currently under the screws of the US Department of Justice, Eric Holder?

Anonymous - Operation Want is NOT employed by or an official volunteer for WikiLeaks.

Anonymous supports Freedom of Information, the Free Press and Freedom of Speech.

Anonymous supports Transparency in Government and opposes Censorship. All too often government representatives that are elected by the People are OVER-CLASSIFYING information in order to hide war crimes and unlawful activities or simply to cover their own asses or assets.

Anonymous Operation Want is disgusted by the disinformation campaign that some government representatives and "news media" personalities have launched on WikiLeaks and the editor, Julian Assange.

Furthermore, that the "Land of the Free" has imprisoned Private Bradley Manning and is torturing him. Being a Whistleblower and reporting WAR CRIMES is NOT a crime.

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