Thursday, February 17, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 02-17-11

Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over Union Protests In Wisconsin
Responding to Wisconsin state workers' protests against Gov. Scott Walker's (R) proposed legislation that would strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights, right-wing media have characterized the protests as "riots" and "uprisings" and attacked the protesters as "thugs" who could "get violent." Read More

Right-Wing Media Use Logan's Attack To Justify Bigotry Against Muslims
In the wake of the brutal and devastating sexual assault committed against CBS News international correspondent Lara Logan by an Egyptian mob, many in the right-wing media have used the attack to fuel their anti-Muslim agenda. Read More

Right-Wing Media Continue Muslim Brotherhood Fearmongering By Targeting Moderate Judge
The right-wing media have seized on the appointment of former Egyptian judge and intellectual Tareq El-Bishri to the Egyptian constitutional council as an opportunity to continue fearmongering about a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the government. In fact, El-Bishri is a political and religious moderate who is not associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, but with an offshoot, Hizb al-Wasat, an unofficial political party which promotes equality and democracy. Read More

CNN's Loesch: CNN Has "Blatant Disregard For Objectivity," "Biggest Bunch Of Idiot Blockheads"
Last week, CNN hired Dana Loesch as a political contributor. Loesch previously called CNN "the biggest bunch of idiot blockheads," "state-run media," home to "tinfoil hats," and accused the network of having a "blatant disregard for objectivity." Loesch also wrote that Anderson Cooper got his job "by benefit of silver spoons." Read More

Fox News Figures Use Junk Science To Attack First Lady's Promotion Of Breast-Feeding
Fox News contributors Michelle Malkin and Sandy Rios have made false claims about the science behind Michelle Obama's promotion of breast-feeding. Read More

Who Is Joel Richardson, Beck's End Times Prophet?
Author Joel Richardson has a long history of antagonism toward Islam, having written in his book The Islamic Antichrist that Islam will be the "primary vehicle" "used by Satan to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible." He has also agreed with the Florida pastor who planned to burn Qurans that "Islam is of the devil" and written a column headlined "What Obama and the Antichrist have in common." Read More

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