Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Is Fox News' Megyn Kelly Obsessed With the New Black Panthers?

Have you heard about the New Black Panther Party? No? Well, you must not be watching Fox News, which has spent the last week treating the fringe group as the greatest threat to democracy since... well, since health care reform.

So: Idiots. I trust you're familiar with them? Recently, motivated entirely by their selfless concern for others, they have been very worried about an incident in Philadelphia in 2008, when two members of the laughable fringe radical outfit the New Black Panther Party stood outside a polling place in fatigues and sort of vaguely brandished a nightstick and looked intimidating.

Here are some facts about that incident: The polling place was in a heavily black, heavily Democratic district. Police were called, and the two men were ushered away. No one has come forward to say they were intimidated. The Justice Department—at the time still controlled by the Bush administration—decided not to file criminal charges.

But some people, no doubt deeply concerned that this pair of preposterous fools might have intimidated some voters, has been wondering if, perhaps, the Justice Department—again, the Bush Justice Department—chose to downgrade the charges not for the obvious reason that it would be a total waste of time, but because the Justice Department is operating under some kind of edict to not charge black folks with crimes.......................................

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