Friday, July 02, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-02-10

Beck's "preachers and pastors" panel: straight from the fringe
On the July 1 edition of his Fox News show, Glenn Beck assembled a panel including "preachers and pastors" to provide "a look at today's news." Many of the panelists have a history of extreme and divisive statements, as well as Republican or right-wing activism.
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Hannity, Gingrich join to push Kagan myths, falsehoods
Sean Hannity falsely claimed that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has said that it "wouldn't be unconstitutional" for the government to "tell Americans what to eat." Hannity also teamed up with Newt Gingrich to repeat numerous falsehoods and distortions about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Read More

Right-wing media falsely claim Obama said border security is "impossible"
Right-wing media have distorted President Obama's immigration speech to claim he said border security is impossible. In fact, Obama said our immigration problems can't be solved "only with fences and border patrols" and that other measures are needed to reduce the incentives for illegal immigration, a view that has been expressed by immigration experts and several Republicans. Read More

Kristol misrepresents Phoenix crime levels to defend AZ law
On Fox News, Bill Kristol stated that crime along the Arizona border "may be down" but that "a lot of the crime has migrated up to Phoenix." In fact, crime rates in Phoenix and the surrounding metro area have dropped over the past decade and reportedly "plunged" in 2009. Read More

Fox's Kelly deceptively cites DOJ testimony to further Adams' attacks
Megyn Kelly and GOP activist J. Christian Adams deceptively cited Justice Department official Thomas Perez's testimony to accuse the DOJ of racially motivated corruption in its handling of a voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party. In testimony Kelly avoided mentioning, Perez made clear that the DOJ did, in fact, obtain a judgment against one defendant and also explained that the Bush-era DOJ chose not to pursue a similar case. Read More

Pelosi was right: Economists say unemployment insurance stimulates the economy
Right-wing media have attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her statement that unemployment insurance stimulates the economy and creates jobs, calling her remarks "laughable" and "lunacy." In fact, economists agree that extending unemployment insurance has a strong stimulative effect on GDP and employment during a recession. Read More

Van Susteren falsely suggests Obama "cherry-pick[ed]" a "couple of" law enforcement officers who oppose AZ law
Fox News' Greta Van Susteren falsely suggested that President Obama is "cherry-picking" law enforcement officers who oppose Arizona's immigration law "in an effort to be less than candid about the seriousness of the problem." In fact, major national and state-wide police chiefs associations representing the police departments of a large number of cities have spoken against the law. Read More

Las Vegas Review-Journal attacks Kagan for filing brief that defended ban on animal "crush videos"
The Las Vegas Review-Journal charged Elena Kagan with taking an extreme position while defending a statute written to ban animal "crush videos." In fact, the Supreme Court stated that Kagan's brief was grounded in precedent, Justice Samuel Alito sided with the government in the case, and Kagan has said that she was doing her best to defend the statute, as is consistent with her solicitor general duties. Read More

Supposed "whistleblower" Adams deeply connected to Bush administration's politicized DOJ
Right-wing media are hyping the dubious allegations of former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams, a GOP activist reportedly hired to the DOJ by Bush political appointee Bradley Schlozman, who was found to have inappropriately considered political affiliation and ideology when hiring career attorneys. Read More


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