Friday, July 30, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-30-10

Fox makes faulty comparison to suggest AZ ruling may "leave people in danger"
Fox News' Alisyn Camerota compared the number of "deaths along the U.S. border" to the number of "soldiers killed in Iraq" to falsely suggest that Judge Susan Bolton's decision to block parts of Arizona's new immigration law put "people in danger." In fact, crime rates in border states have declined in recent years and are at their lowest levels in decades. Read More

Fox & Friends ignore their own interview to mislead on DHS immigration memo
Fox & Friends misled on a Department of Homeland Security memo on immigration reform, falsely claiming it "appears to show the White House has an amnesty plan," which they plan to implement by "going around Congress." The hosts continued to mislead even after White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed that the administration "doesn't support amnesty" and intended to deal with immigration "through Congress"; Fox & Friends also failed to mention that the DHS memo itself recommended against deferred action, saying it would be "controversial, not to mention expensive." Read More

Varney ludicrously lauds Bush economic record, slams Obama's
On Fox & Friends, Fox Business' Stuart Varney argued that it is "inaccurate" to attribute the recession to President Bush and claimed that "President Obama's policies have not fixed that ongoing recession." In reality, Obama's policies have created growth in the GDP and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, while turning around the increases in joblessness that began under Bush. Read More

Right-wing media respond to AZ ruling with unhinged rhetoric
Media conservatives have responded with a torrent of unhinged rhetoric to an Arizona judge's ruling that blocked parts of the state's immigration law from taking effect. For example, Rush Limbaugh suggested the ruling would prevent the state from defending itself from an "invasion," and Jeffrey Kuhner suggested Arizona should consider secession. Read More

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