Friday, July 16, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-16-10

Right-wing media seize on baseless claim that Obama exchanged job offer for Specter's Kagan vote
Following a report by ABC's Jake Tapper based on unnamed sources, the right-wing media baselessly suggested that Arlen Specter was offered an Obama administration job in return for his supporting Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination. In fact, no one has provided evidence that Specter has been offered a job, let alone offered a job in exchange for his vote, and another report quotes a source denying that any discussion about jobs even took place. Read More

Varney absurdly claims public sector jobs saved by the stimulus "weren't in jeopardy"
On Fox & Friends, Stuart Varney attempted to discredit the estimates of jobs saved or created by the stimulus by claiming that they are "all theory" and that public sector jobs saved by stimulus funds "weren't in jeopardy." In fact, thousands of jobs were in jeopardy due to state budget shortfalls, and the White House's estimates of job creation are similar to independent estimates. Read More

Krauthammer paints incomplete picture of Reagan's tax and spending cuts
In his Washington Post column, Charles Krauthammer compared Presidents Reagan and Obama by claiming that Reagan, "cut taxes to starve the federal government and prevent massive growth in spending," whereas, "Obama's wild spending... will necessitate huge tax increases." In fact, after 1981, Reagan repeatedly increased both taxes and spending. Read More

Beck ignores Christian Coalition, pope to mock Christian environmentalists
Despite mainstream religious support for environmental safeguards, Glenn Beck mocked the group Faithful America for its advocacy for climate change as a religious issue and denounced the idea as "fascism" and "evil."
Read More

REPORT: Fox News has hyped phony New Black Panthers scandal at least 95 times
Six Fox News shows have discussed the phony New Black Panthers scandal during a total of 95 segments since Megyn Kelly's June 30 interview hyping the unsubstantiated allegations of right-wing activist J. Christian Adams. In all, these Fox shows have devoted more than eight hours of airtime to discussing the New Black Panthers. Read More

Witch hunt: National Review Online lobs another bogus attack on judicial nominee Butler
National Review Online's Ed Whelan and Carrie Severino attacked President Obama for nominating Louis Butler to a federal judgeship after he lost his electoral bid to retain his seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In fact, there is nothing unusual about Butler's appointment: President Bush successfully appointed federal judges who lost a state court election race. Read More

Right-wing bloggers promote false suggestion that Kagan lied about abortion issue
Right wing bloggers are promoting Americans United for Life's false suggestion that Elena Kagan lied about her involvement with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology's (ACOG) statement on "partial-birth abortion." In fact, Kagan's testimony is completely consistent with the evidence AUL cites. Read More

Fox baselessly links Obama and Holder to New Black Panthers case, but their key witness says otherwise
Fox News figures have used J. Christian Adams' unsubstantiated allegations to suggest that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were involved in the Justice Department's decision in the New Black Panthers case. However, Adams himself testified that he had no "indication" that the decision involved anyone "higher up" than an acting assistant attorney general. Read More

Beck conspiracy theory: Financial reform will let Obama take over Fox News
Glenn Beck suggested that the financial regulatory reform law would let President Obama "take over Fox" if he determines Fox News is being "too negative." In fact, the law allows the government to seize only banks and other financial organizations "substantially engaged" in financial activities and solely if they are in "financial distress" that "pose[s] a threat to the financial stability of the United States." Read More

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