Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sex and Politics

There are only a few political affair storylines. Usually when the paramour comes forward, unless they have a lot of skeletons, that's pretty much it. The pol has to either come clean and resign or more often admit causing the proverbial "pain" in his marriage and then go back to fundraising and dating. I use the male pronoun because that's almost always the gender dynamic. But we've got a affair story down in South Carolina (i.e., the Palmetto Sex Farm) that turns a lot of the norms on their heads.

Start with the fact that the accused pol is female gubernatorial hopeful Nikki Haley. And her accuser isn't some person in-state folks have never heard of before. He's a very well-known conservative and insider-politics blogger, Will Folks, who at one point was the spokesman for Appalachian trail hiking Governor Mark Sanford, though well before the affair scandal last year.

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--Josh Marshall

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