Monday, May 03, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-03-10

Oblivious to tough reform proposal, Barone suggests Dems won't include "border-enforcement"
In his May 1 column, Michael Barone falsely claimed Democrats "don't seem to be planning to include" border-enforcement provisions in their plans for immigration reform. In fact, the outline released by Senate Democrats includes extensive enforcement provisions that reportedly "would be more far-reaching than anything in place now" or proposed by the Bush administration Read More

Fox rushes to politicize attempted NYC car bombing
Fox & Friends rushed to politicize the recent attempted car bombing in New York City by falsely claiming the Obama administration "refuses to say the word terror," by citing the incident to demand that the administration hold Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's trial outside of the city, and by asking whether the administration is "sleeping while the enemy plans" attacks. Read More

"Sabotage!" Right-wing media respond to oil spill by dreaming up conspiracy theories
In the wake of the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, right-wing media figures have suggested that the oil rig explosion which predicated the spill was an act of "sabotage" in order to halt offshore drilling. Read More

Fox lets Kobach misrepresent Arizona immigration law
On May 3 Fox & Friends allowed Kris Kobach, the Republican law professor who helped draft Arizona's new immigration law, to falsely claim that the law "only comes into play after another crime is being investigated." In fact, the law directs police to check the immigration status of those stopped for violations of city and county ordinances, civil traffic violations and other non-crimes. Read More

Mediaite admits Matt Drudge is its assignment editor
Even after Mediaite retracted its claim that a link to a news story from The Drudge Report gives a story "credibility," it continued to claim that such a link conveys "significance" and makes the linked story worthy of further discussion. But many of the stories promoted by Drudge are entirely fabricated. Read More

Quick Fact: Krauthammer falsely claims that under Bush there were "no successful attacks" in U.S. after 9-11
Charles Krauthammer falsely claimed that "the Bush administration had seven years after 9-11, no successful attacks in the United States." In fact, there were repeated terrorist attacks on U.S. soil under President Bush after the 9-11 attacks. Read More

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