Friday, May 21, 2010

Jack Conway Strikes Back At Paul's 'Un-American' Comment


Kentucky Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Senate Jack Conway released a statement today criticizing Rand Paul for saying that President Obama's comments about BP's role in the Gulf Coast oil spill were "really un-American."

In the statement, Conway says, "we need a senator who will hold companies accountable."

Here's the full statement:

Rand Paul apparently has a deeply held conviction that corporations should be allowed to do what they see fit without oversight or accountability. He even goes so far as to say that that criticizing corporations when they hurt taxpayers and working families - as in the case of the massive BP oil disaster - is 'un-American.'

As Attorney General, I've seen how corporations can take advantage of consumers - whether it's oil companies that gouge Kentucky customers after a series of storms or pharmaceutical companies that commit Medicaid fraud. I have a deeply held conviction that we need a senator who will hold companies accountable. We have enough senators in Washington who are looking out for what's best for corporations. My sole focus will be looking out for Kentucky's taxpayers and families.

The TPM poll average puts Paul ahead of Conway 48.4%-37.3%. Paul has received a lot of attention recently for his criticisms of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Conway himself has said that Paul, who is a favorite of the tea party movement, is "destructive" and too far outside the mainstream.

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