Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-25-10

Fox's "$165 billion" "union bailout" is neither
Fox News and Fox Business personalities have claimed that a bill dealing with union-administered pension funds is a "$165 billion bailout for unions." In fact, the bill is not a "bailout for unions," and its sponsor reportedly said it would cost the federal government $8 billion to $10 billion. Read More

Right-wing media cling to $165 billion pension "bailout" falsehood
The right-wing media is clinging to the falsehood that Sen. Bob Casey's Create Jobs & Save Benefits Act is a "$165 billion bailout" of union pensions. In fact, the legislation proposes the "partition" of specific types of union pensions that are deemed to be insolvent,and its sponsor reportedly said it would cost between $8 and $10 billion. Read More

Beck's war on Obama targets the president's family
Glenn Beck has made his crusade against President Obama personal, connecting the Obama daughters to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, attacking Michelle Obama's physical appearance at a state dinner, and asserting that Obama was scarred because his parents "abandoned" him "for Marxism." Read More

Meltdown: The intricate conspiracy to "destroy" Glenn Beck, his family, God, and the founders
In the past week, Glenn Beck has detailed an intricate web of conspiracies involving SEIU, AFL-CIO, Van Jones, Jim Wallis, the White House, Rep. Anthony Weiner, and Media Matters. Beck has warned that these Alinskyite plots seek to "destroy" him, his family, Fox News, Christianity and the Founding Fathers. Read More

Right-wing media attack Obama over Memorial Day plans
Conservative media have attacked President Obama, claiming that his plans to attend a Memorial Day ceremony in Chicago while allowing Vice President Joe Biden to lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery are disrespectful to the military. However, previous presidents -- including Ronald Reagan -- allowed others to lay the wreath at Arlington to honor fallen troops. Read More

Morris fabricates "impeachable offense" out of alleged Sestak job offer
Fox News' Dick Morris' baselessly claimed that an alleged job offer by the Obama administration to Rep. Joe Sestak would constitute an "impeachable offense." However, the Reagan administration reportedly made a similar offer to a candidate, and legal experts have rejected the claims that such offers are illegal. Read More

Wash. Times tries and fails to paint Kagan as "outside the mainstream"
The Washington Times baselessly claimed that Elena Kagan's views on free speech put her " 'outside the mainstream' of the public." To make its case, the Times relied on distortions, out-of-context quotes, and recycled falsehoods. Read More

Does "Reagan conservative" Hannity think Reagan should have been impeached for reported job offer?
Sean Hannity has baselessly claimed that an alleged job offer by the Obama administration to Rep. Joe Sestak would constitute a "de facto bribe" and "an impeachable offense." However, the administration of Hannity's political hero, Ronald Reagan, reportedly made a similar offer to a candidate. Read More

Beck cites his dubious predictions to claim his "global governance" theory is credible
Highlighting several of his past predictions, Glenn Beck used false or misleading claims to purportedly demonstrate that those predictions had been accurate. Beck cited those supposedly vindicated predictions as evidence that his claim that that "we're heading for global governance" should be taken seriously. Read More

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