Monday, May 24, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-24-10

Serwer falsely declares Blumenthal "lied" about being "captain of the swim team"
Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer falsely claimed that Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal "lied about Harvard" by claiming "he was captain of the swim team." In fact, there is no evidence that Blumenthal said he had been captain, and a former Harvard team captain has statedthat Blumenthal was on the team. Read More

Fox hosts Klein to push his conspiracy-laden, anti-Obama attack book
Fox News' Fox & Friends hosted WorldNetDaily writer Aaron Klein to push his latest book filled with baseless accusations and absurd conspiracy theories about the Obama administration. Klein's appearance is the latest example of his repeated attempts to level baseless attacks on the president and his administration. Read More

Media misleadingly claim Obama is the "single largest recipient of BP's cash"
Media outlets have misleadingly claimed that President Obama is "the single largest recipient of BP's cash" to back up Sarah Palin's baseless suggestion that contributions from oil companies have affected Obama's response to the Gulf oil spill. In fact, the money comes almost entirely from individuals employed by BP, not the corporation itself, and represents a minuscule fraction of Obama's total campaign contributions. Read More

Palin clings to false claim that Obama received the most BP PAC money
On Facebook, Sarah Palin falsely claimed it is an "undisputed fact that Barack Obama was BP's top recipient of both PAC and individual money for the last 20 years." In fact, President Obama received no PAC money from BP during his presidential campaign, and only $1,000 during his 2004 Senate campaign. Read More

Ditto-ography: Zev Chafets' Limbaugh bio full of falsehoods and distortions
In his Rush Limbaugh biography An Army of One, which Media Matters obtained in advance of its release, Zev Chafets describes himself as a longtime Limbaugh admirer and listener who asked Limbaugh "hundreds" of questions over the past few years. Limbaugh appears to have rubbed off on Chafets, as his sympathetic biography is riddled with falsehoods, distortions, and misleading claims. Read More

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