Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-28-10

REPORT: Fox News' Dick Morris problem
Fox News has a Dick Morris problem. He often engages in ethically dubious behavior, unabashed GOP advocacy, hypocrisy, outright fabrication of smears of progressives, failed political prognostication, extreme and inflammatory rhetoric, and repeated falsehoods.
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See no evil: Hannity, Palin dismiss concerns about racial profiling in AZ law
Fox News figures Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin have rejected concerns that Arizona's new immigration law will lead to racial profiling because the law says police may not "solely" consider "race, color or national origin ... except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution." However, the law does allow for race to be a consideration, and legal experts, as well as several Fox News figures and prominent conservatives, have argued that this will lead to some form of racial profiling. Read More

Right-wing mark debate over AZ immigration law with racially charged rhetoric
Numerous right-wing media figures have rushed to defend Arizona's controversial new immigration law, often by employing racially charged rhetoric, imagery, and stereotypes. Many have also embraced racial profiling while promoting the legislation. Read More

Conservatives' bogus attacks on Obama's appeal to minorities: "Race card," "Southern Strategy," "racist"
After President Obama released a video message highlighting 2010 efforts to turn out the vote among minorities, right-wing media responded with inflammatory rhetoric, including claims that Obama is playing the "race card." Those media figures have ignored that Republicans have issued similar appeals to minority voters. Read More

"I'm not in politics": Fox News president Ailes defends his network by pushing falsehoods
Fox News president Roger Ailes defended his network, claiming he doesn't "do politics," and Fox addresses mistakes "quickly" and provides "fair and balanced report[s]." Yet Fox News regularly engages in political activism, Sean Hannity has not addressed his Cincinnati Tea Party scandal, and the network's "news" division regularly pushes smears, falsehoods, deceptive editing, and GOP talking points. Read More

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