Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-14-10

Right-wing sites misleadingly crop Obama remarks on being "a dominant military superpower"
Right-wing media misleadingly cropped remarks made by President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit to suggest Obama is opposed to America remaining "a dominant military superpower." In fact, Obama said that as a "military superpower," the U.S. has an interest in reducing tensions between foreign nations because violent conflict abroad inevitably "ends up costing" the United States "significantly in terms of both blood and treasure."
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Goldberg falsely suggests conservatives don't invoke empathy standard
In an April 14 column, Jonah Goldberg falsely suggested that conservatives do not embrace empathy and compassion as qualities in considering judicial nominees. In fact, conservative Supreme Court justices have cited the importance of personal experience during their own confirmation hearings, and conservatives have repeatedly expressed support for empathy or compassion in judicial nominees. Read More

Further Disaster: Thiessen changes story after being caught in terror attack falsehood
Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen falsely claimed in his book that it is "indisputable" that "al Qaeda has not succeeded in launching one single attack on the homeland or American interests abroad" after the CIA interrogation program began. Caught in this blatant falsehood, Thiessen responded by completely changing his claim, saying that his "point" was that "[a]fter the CIA began interrogating high-value terrorists, al-Qaeda did not succeed in carrying out any attacks of a similar scale against American interests at home or abroad." Read More

Fox Nation promotes Mattera's false accusation that Frank has "experience" running a brothel
In a video promoted by The Fox Nation, Jason Matterra made the false accusation that Rep. Barney Frank has "experience" running a brothel, a reference to discredited allegations that Frank was aware of a brothel being run out of his apartment. In fact, the House ethics committee in 1990 cleared Frank of those allegations, which Mattera himself eventually acknowledged in the video. Read More

LVRJ outsources its Reid attacks to Dick Morris
The Las Vegas Review-Journal published a lengthy excerpt from Dick Morris' and Eileen McGann's book 2010: Take Back America: A Battle Plan that uses numerous falsehoods and distortions to attack Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Read More

Contradicting O'Reilly, Cavuto acknowledges Fox pushed health care jail-time falsehood
Neil Cavuto admitted that Fox News has pushed the false claim that under the health care reform legislation individuals can be sent to jail for not having health insurance, saying: "I've researched this and a number of Fox personalities had made that comment." Cavuto's acknowledgment contradicts Bill O'Reilly's false claim that "[n]obody" on Fox advanced the assertion.
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Luntzspeak: Conservative media claim financial reform would result in "permanent bailout"
Conservative media have attacked financial reform legislation under consideration in Congress by stating that it establishes a "permanent bailout" or "bailouts forever" -- echoing language recommended by Republican strategist Frank Luntz to derail the bill. But far from encouraging "bailouts" for failing financial firms, the bill would establish the government's authority to liquidate them.
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Quick Fact: Krauthammer falsely claims health care reform will add "about two trillion" to the deficit
Charles Krauthammer falsely claimed that the recently passed health care reform law would add "about two trillion" to the federal budget deficit. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that the new law will reduce, not increase the deficit. Read More

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