Sunday, April 18, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-18-10

Rove misleadingly claims expiring Bush tax cuts constitute a "tax increase"
Karl Rove misleadingly suggested that President Obama is planning to implement a "tax increase" by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. In fact, the Bush tax cuts are set to expire on the schedule enacted by former President Bush and a Republican-controlled Congress, and Obama has proposed extending the cuts except those for upper-income earners. Read More

In wake of Hannity's tea party scandal, Fox's Kristol hypes tea party's Contract from America
Just days after Fox News canceled Sean Hannity's plan to host his show from a tea party event with an admission fee, Fox News contributor Bill Kristol repeatedly promoted the Contract from America, a series of agenda items whose writing was organized by a major tea party organization. Kristol's endorsement is consistent with Fox's heavy promotion of the tea party movement, in spite of News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch's statement that he didn't think the network "should be supporting the Tea Party." Read More

Fox News' media critics ignore recent Hannity, O'Reilly scandals
Fox News bills Fox News Watch as a program where "media analysts cover the coverage of the week's biggest stories." But this week's edition completely ignored recent scandals involving its own network: Fox cancelled Sean Hannity's plan to broadcast his show from a tea party event with an admission fee, and Bill O'Reilly issued repeated false claims to defend Fox News' coverage of the health care reform legislation. Read More

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