Thursday, January 21, 2010

TSA worker plants white powder baggie on traveller as a joke


These days, joking about anything illegal while in an airport security line will likely land you in a holding cell, and might even result in criminal charges. But this column from the Philadelphia Inquirer has some wondering whether that rule applies to TSA employees themselves.

Inquirer columnist Daniel Rubin reports that a 22-year-old University of Michigan student fell victim to a particularly cruel "joke" at the hands of a TSA employee at Philadelphia International Airport on Jan. 5.

As Rebecca Solomon passed through security on her way to boarding a Detroit-bound flight, a TSA agent pulled a small baggie filled with white powder out of her carry-on and asked, "Where did you get it?"

A panicked Solomon suffered for 20 seconds before the guard cracked a smile and said, "Just kidding."..............................

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