Monday, January 11, 2010

Murdoch son-in-law ‘ashamed and sickened’ by Fox News CEO


The son-in-law of News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch told the New York Times in little-noticed comments Sunday that he's "ashamed and sickened" by Fox News Channel's Chief Executive Roger Ailes.

“I am by no means alone within the family or the company in being ashamed and sickened by Roger Ailes’s horrendous and sustained disregard of the journalistic standards that News Corporation, its founder and every other global media business aspires to,” said Matthew Freud, married to Rupert Murdoch's daughter and recently labeled the most influential PR executive in London.

Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation's chairman and politically engaged chairman, didn't respond directly to the remarks. But a spokesman for the company put out a statement after a Financial Times inquiry, saying Murdoch was actually "proud" of Ailes.

“Matthew Freud’s opinions are his own and in no way reflect the views of Rupert Murdoch, who is proud of Roger Ailes and Fox News,” the statement said.

Murdoch has reportedly privately voiced concerns with Ailes before. A 2008 biography said he was purportedly “embarrassed” by Fox News, a claim he later denied..........................

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