Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday's Sex News 01-08-10

  • Inflation stops toad sex
    Female toads avoid sex with undesirable males by inflating their body

  • The Top 10 Vaginas
    Susannah Breslin describes 10 unique vaginas, from a woman with two, to a woman with 28-inch pubic hair

  • US women wanted for sex survey
    Maxim magazine are undertaking their 2010 sex survey, with results due to be published later in the year

  • Some women guilty about sex drive
    Research from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, suggests that some women have low sex drives because they are guilty about being sexually aroused

  • Man gets penis stuck in pipe
    A British man had to have his penis cut from steel pipe by firefighters using a four-and-a-half-inch grinder

  • How to get a threesome
    Dan and Jennifer explain how to persuade your wife/partner to try a threesome

  • Tiger Woods sex tape touted
    Adult sex company, Vivid Entertainment, says they have been approached by a woman with a sex tape allegedly featuring the golfer

  • We have sex schedule
    David Arquette, the husband of Friends actress Courtney Cox, says that the couple has a sex schedule which they kind find difficult to keep

  • The myths about sex
    From the G-spot, to whether casual sex is harmful, what does the latest research suggest?

  • Sound waves are the new viagra?
    A new therapy from Israel has found that sound waves may help men with erection problems

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