Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tea Party 'Hero' Arrested For Rape, Stolen Grenade Launcher Discovered

Domestic Terrorist In Texoma

A Stephens County man is behind bars on a rape charge.

Police said that when they served a search warrant, they uncovered evidence that now has federal officials looking into the case.

"We come home and those bastards want to talk about how we're domestic terrorists and a threat to this country. It makes me so angry," said Charles Dyer, who has been accused of committing rape.

Dyer has been charged with first degree rape. When police searched Dyer's home for evidence on that charge, they found a grenade launcher that matched the description of one of three that were reportedly stolen from an Army post in California.

More incriminating evidence against Dyer has surfaced in a YouTube video. The video shows Dyer, a former U.S. Marine, talking proudly about domestic terrorism. "Join the military?", said Dyer. "Depends on what you want to do with it. Me? Im going to use my training and become one of those domestic terrorists that you're so afraid of from the DHS reports."

The video of Dyer on YouTube shows him with some friends at a paintball facility in California. Dyer's comments in the video are not only powerful but disturbing and show his contempt for authority.

"I'm certainly not going to be hiding from my command anymore. I'm not hiding from ATF. Not hiding from FBI. Any organization. If they want to come get me I'm not going to be afraid," Dyer said. "Patrioits we are not overpowered. If we united under one banner and fight for our children's liberity and the constitution, our resolve is invincible to any standing army," Dyer said.

Dyer is charged with first degree rape and now faces charges for possession of an unregistered destructive device in a U.S. District Court.

The video of Dyer:

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