Monday, September 21, 2009

Republican Popularity Plummeting As They Continue Boarding The Crazy Train


...... Consider further the variety of overtly racist rhetoric that has plagued American politics since last year's election season. Haley Barbour's "right hand" speaking at a racist conference. Racist emails circulated by Republican staffers. Republicans demonstrating in Klan outfits. Republican mayors depicting the White House behind a watermelon patch. And a variety of campaign tactics which included mailings depicting Barack Obama's face surrounded by fried chicken and watermelon, posters and websites attempting to link Obama to bin Laden, the Republican vice-presidential candidate praising a racist writer, and more.

Nor has this gone unnoticed amongst conservative politicians. In late July, Senator George Voinovich (R-Oh) publicly complained that the GOP is "being taken over by southerners." Minnesota's Republican governor Tim Pawlenty voiced similar fears a year ago. Maine's two senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins have also gone on record as worrying about the GOP's increasingly narrow base.

The future does not hold much hope for the GOP when the response of various demographics are taken into account. America is becoming increasingly multi-cultural, and support for the GOP amongst minorities is at the bottom of the barrel. In 1980, 32% of the electorate consisted of white Democratic voters. That number was little changed in 2008, with 32% of the electorate consisting of whites voting for Obama. But in 1980 only 9% of the electorate were nonwhite Carter voters, whereas 21% of the electorate were nonwhite Obama voters last year. And that made the difference between a landslide defeat for Carter and a win by a healthy margin for Obama.............

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