Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dr. Maureen Reed Will Run for Congress in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District

Get Rid Off Michele Bachmann

...Dr. Maureen Reed, doctor of internal medicine, civic volunteer and former 2006 candidate for Lieutenant Governor, will file papers today with the Federal Election Commission to run for Congress in Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District. Dr. Reed will file as a DFL candidate and seek the endorsement of the DFL and the Independence Party.

"We are living through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, with staggering numbers of people unemployed, health care out of the reach of many folks, and thousands of Minnesotans losing their businesses and homes," said Dr. Reed. "While these problems are tough, I'm running for Congress because I know two things are true. First, Americans can solve tough problems. Second, a bright future is not accidental. We create a bright future when we put rhetoric aside, focus on the real problems, and work hard together. This is exactly what I've done all my life. The future I see is one of business expansion, job growth, home ownership and lower health care costs.".....

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Unknown said...

Maureen is a spectacular candidate! Her website is maureenreedforcongress.com

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